“Joy, the way you teach both the asanas and the yoga philosophy in tandem is brilliant. I’m so lucky to have such a mature, embodied and wise yoga teacher. The things you said in class today were some of the best life coaching I’ve ever had in a yoga class, and some of the best consul I’ve ever heard period! What you said about being able to attain balance even while working with asymmetry was a breakthrough for me in a certain area of my life. What you shared about focus determining our prioritites is the main lesson I needed to hear right now! Thank you for showing me how I can use my body and my practice as a way to step into my life off the mat in a more life-giving, authentic and healthy way.” ~ T. Frazer
“Joy, I love how you talk to and facilitate understanding within Kids. You are a gifted teacher whose love and light shines through every fiber of your being. I am honored to be associated with you in regards to mindfulness.” ~ J. Hibbard
“I find Joy’s teaching to be both completely uplifting and calming with an ample dose of un-intimidating realness, so much so that as soon as I hear her voice I have a Pavlovian response of total relaxation and this feeling that everything is going to be all right.” ~R. Turiel 
” Thank you for teaching me to calm down. Thank You! ~ C. Mooney (age 7)
 “I want to thank you so much for your personal instruction re: posture as it has changed my life! My walking, skiing, and balance are improved, as is my back injury. I think my back injury was miraculously cured in class that day! You’re the best!” ~ L. Costello
“You have a special way to touch a heart and made me feel so relaxed inside. My body feels great and the tension of lower back faded. It is very warm a cosy all inside of me! Thank you… ~ L. K
“A MRI revealed by a Radiologist that the herniated L4-5 disk moderately pressing against the right leg’s sciatic nerve explained the leg’s chronic pain resulting in two hour sleep cycles 2-3 times nightly. After three epidural injections and prescribed physical therapy which had no noticeable affects over a two month period, I was 90% convinced surgery was the next treatment. But a good friend recommend Joy and from her I discovered the miracle of breath work incorporated with Yoga, relaxation, and take-home exercises, the sciatic pain began noticeably subsiding after two weeks (4 sessions). After 6 weeks my sleeping patterns began to improve and was laughing again. After twelve weeks I was sleeping through the night, able to sit comfortably in a chair, and began slow 3 mile interval-type jogging mixed with walking. Joy’s persistence, guidance, and encouragement has not only relieved all injury symptoms, my recent activities such as jogging, bicycling, and daily chores which includes lifting, pulling, twisting, and pounding, my lower back where the injuring originated feels stronger than it has over the past 20 years. Joy, thank you so much! ” ~ Mike
“Your Yin Yoga class has been spiritual food for us – as well as the grace and presence you bring to the practice. Heartfelt gratitude.” ~ Lisa & Laurie
“I was headed for back surgery, but after a few months of yoga with Joy, going under the knife is nowhere in sight. Yoga was my last resort before back surgery. Working with Joy has been nothing short of miraculous. I won’t be doing century rides, but I’m back on my bike and life is fun again.”       ~ A. Polino
“Your workshop was amazing. I listened very carefully to your words.  I got so relaxed that I fell asleep. I can’t believe that. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you have pretty eyes, a beautiful voice and wisdom! Thanks for both workshops.” – J. Robbins
Thanks for the Yin yoga classes, which have helped me overcome insomnia and balance out all the yang activities in my life.” ~ N. Guss
“Thanks for the wonderful body and breathworks yesterday! Amazing stuff!” ~ B. Tafoya
“That was a fantastic workshop and quite a room full of enthusiastic yogis. You are a phenomenal teacher and your Thai yoga touch is magical. Thank you for sharing your gift and the opportunity to be a part of such a enlightening event.” ~ J. Boudreau
“With no history of back issues, I developed back and leg pain which limited my activity and caused sleepless nights. After a few weeks with no improvement, Mike who had similar issues which Joy helped him recover from, recommended Joy and her yoga therapy. I signed up for a few sessions per week and after 4 weeks of these one on one sessions, the back returned to nearly normal. I now take group yoga classes several times per week and am back to riding over 5,000 miles per year. I would recommend Joy to anyone with back issues and encourage them to give her a try.  ~ S. Smith
It’s absolutely brilliant how you conduct your classes! Keep up you wonderful offerings – there is much need for and meaning in your work! ~ AM
“Joy is great at focusing my practice each day to what I need. ~B. Ziercher
” In recognition of deep healing and transformation, I would like to thank you for your substantial role that you have played in it. Yin Yoga has been a crucial component in allowing me to release a number of aspects in my life which were either toxic , or simply not of service. These release have come in the combined forms of physical, emotional, philosophical, psychological , and even social. I am in a much better place because of it. I am thrilled that you are apart of our community.” ~ A. Ward
“Thank you so much for the Yin work yesterday! My body feels so much better today! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ L. Gladden
“I would recommend Joy as a coach and yoga teacher. I needed individual help and Joy helped me understand why and where I had limitations and what I needed to do to be stronger and more flexible. She taught me about breathing, nutrition, core strength and yoga. Having private lessons has help be to get more out of my practice. Joy has good communication skills, she was encouraging and did everything she said she would do to help me and more. And her positive energy was wonderful. Working with Joy made me want to be a more thoughtful, kinder person.” ~ P. Zink 
“My hips are feeling so legit, lately! thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom during those private sessions.” ~ K Lady