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Gluten Free Apple Pie w/ Oatmeal Crisp

Nothing glamorous here. Just some yummy tasting Gluten Free pie made with love.   Dewa and I graciously received a plethora of apples from different neighbors trees this season. The below recipe is a blending of two different recipes to meet our taste and nutritional needs. It’s really quite yummy. The above pie was donated for our … Continue reading

The Doctrine Of Signatures

I am always in awe and humbled how the Universe provides nuggets of wisdom and teachings when we least expect them or rather when we are ready to Listen. I had the honor of participating in Oley Smith’s QiGong class at Inhabit’s Grand Opening celebration a few weeks back. Mr. Smith referred to our Pelvic region … Continue reading

Zucchini Carrot Muffins

Father Sky has been blessing us all day with the pitter-patter of rain. What better time than now to bake Zucchini Carrot Muffins with my daughter, Dewa. Yesterday, we rode our new parent/child tandem bicycle down to the Durango’s Farmer’s Market. It is a wonderful exercise in team work as we pedaled together, cuing each … Continue reading

Spinach Staple: 10th day of giving

SPINACH STAPLE From The Wholistic Fitness™ Mealtime Guidebook You know, if you stopped by during mealtime, we would most probably be having this meal. Especially valuable meal fro vegetarians. The simplicity is astounding. The dark-green, leafy nutrition is an important energetic choice. What i really love about this meal is the sound of my daughter’s … Continue reading

Sweets For The Sweets…6th day of Giving

Tis the Season for baking! A Holiday ritual for my daughter, Dewa, and i. They also make nice gifts for friends and loved ones.  I mean, who doesn’t love a Cookie? Just ask the Cookie Monster. Though i am happy to hear that the Cookie Monster has become more wholistic in his food choices. The … Continue reading

Vegetable and Kale Soup

With the onset of misty clouds and rainfall symphonies, homemade soups call to me. Unlike my Father who can turn any meal into a gourmet experience (thanks, dad), i am not a natural in the kitchen. By the age of 18 i was waiting tables, earning my way through University. I never learned to cook. … Continue reading