Back On Stage

This is Joy Kilpatrick’s first time back on stage after taking a nine year hiatus. She left a thriving professional acting career in 2006 when she decided to become a mother. Joy cites Motherhood as her most loving, most demanding, most rewarding role she has ever experienced. She has played many Mothers on stage, but … Continue reading

Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Bodywork “That was a fantastic workshop and quite a room full of enthusiastic yogis. You are a phenomenal teacher and your Thai yoga touch is magical. Thank you for sharing your gift and the opportunity to be a part of such a enlightening event.”          ~ J. Boudreau   The … Continue reading

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a healing modality provided by a certified yoga therapist who applies the principals of yoga to the individual. Unlike a group yoga class, a yoga therapy session is structured to the needs and abilities of a single student by a certified yoga therapist (CYT) who has extensive training using yoga to help … Continue reading

“MA” Yoga

My Yoga is so uniquely my own, just as your Yoga is so fabulously yours! Lately, I have been reflecting on what Yoga means to me. Especially as I feel my body responding to old injuries and traumas and how that’s playing out in my thoughts and emotions. Additionally, how the blessed role of being … Continue reading

Three Part Breath

 “What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places? ”                    ~ Mary Oliver   Three Part Breathing Practice: Even though the gift of breathing is an involuntary act, we can focus the way that we breathe. When we … Continue reading


In my youth theatre classes we play a game called “Yes, Lets!” It’s a wonderful exercise in acceptance. The intent of the game is for the players to agree  with whatever the other player offers to the scene and move on from there in acceptance. As both a participant and an observer of this game, I witness the … Continue reading

Self Love (Atma Prema)

The cultivation of Self-Love (Atma Prema) is a discipline. Translated, discipline means “to teach.” Perhaps when we were young we didn’t have any self-loving role models to teach us how to love ourselves in a healthy, wholesome way. Note to self,  that is okay. Those ‘role-models’ did what they did based on any number of given … Continue reading

On a Sacred Journey!

Oh, what a Sacred journey this precious life! It’s been months (honestly, almost a year) since my last blog and there are moments when i get down on myself for not expressing all that i long to share. So i thought i would re-enter the stream of blogging by just honoring my Truth. “Things Take Time!” … Continue reading

Holiday Blessings!

For me, these Holy-days are a poignant re-minder of the strength and grace of LOVE! Love for self, even when I don’t meet all of my self imposed “to do” lists (such as my 12 days of giving blogs) or eat more sugar than I know my body can handle. Love for one another, however challenging the … Continue reading

Winter Day

Namaste! The above gift is something i’m passing on from Cate Stillman , founder of YogaHealer. Please check out her work. She is a generous healer who cares about her Global community. If you are in need of a specific movement and breathing program, i’m here to guide you. Peace and Joy!