fb-ayearofrumi5-1200In my youth theatre classes we play a game called “Yes, Lets!” It’s a wonderful exercise in acceptance. The intent of the game is for the players to agree  with whatever the other player offers to the scene and move on from there in acceptance. As both a participant and an observer of this game, I witness the challenge it takes to surrender with what’s present. It’s not a response that comes easily. It’s like our primitive brain is always on alert. To say “yes” could put us in danger of losing ourselves or at least the spot light.

It can feel really scary and threatening not being the one in control. Granted some yes’s are a lot easier than others to agree to accept. Eckhart Tolle teaches that Acceptance is one of three modalities of Awakened Doing  and “on the surface, acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it is active and creative because it brings something entirely new into this world.” I am discovering for myself that the more I am willing to say “yes,” the more I feel in flow with life and that creates a vibration of peace.

Dr. Laura Markham from Aha! Parenting uses the mantra “Stop, Drop and Breathe.”  My practice lately has been to witness myself when I am about to say “no.” Then I consciously stop, drop and breathe into the initial resistance. I invite a space of curiosity. What part of me feels threatened? Why? From that conscious space I discern if yes can create a deeper connection of unity and love between me and whatever person or circumstance is present.

Saying “yes” today gifted me and my daughter a beautiful little single track that I didn’t know existed followed by some delicious Cream Bean Berry ice cream over a sweet conversation.

Here’s to your YES’s!

In loving gratitude and service,



by richard hammer

How will you open to today?

Perhaps with curiosity and wonder.
Perhaps with gratitude and grace.
Perhaps with an intention
to be seeker and finder,
to be giver and receiver,
to be awesome and joy-filled.

So, what is stopping you?
There are no barriers holding you back
from you experiencing your wholeness,
from you experiencing your creativity,
from you giving your love.

You are free to
create, dance, laugh, move
feel, smile, connect, flow
and do it again and again.

Let everything be as it is
in freedom, bliss, and original being.

This moment is for you.
It is you in your beauty.
It is you in your magnificence.
It is you in your full expression.

But you have to choose it!
You have to say Yes….
and the horizon expands.

I bow to you in your choice.
Let all beings bow to you in your choice.

Ah Ho. So Hum.

richard hammer

Courtesy of Elena Brower



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