Being Peace

th-1As i prepare for my upcoming class on Monday, Cultivating Peace in our Breath, as part of the “12 days of Giving” sponsored by Inhabit, i am reminded of the classical text of Pantajali’s Yoga Sutra where he imparts his teachings on the Klesha’s. A Klesha  can be translated as a painful mind state or affliction of the mind. From his perspective there are five, however the last four support the first one which is Avidya – ignorance to our connection to all of Nature and therefore believe and live as if we are separate from Source and all alone. 

Having lived in this state of Avidya most of my life, it is no wonder how i was always looking outside myself to create peace, however fleeting the experience. When i began to embody my Yoga (Union of Body/Mind/Spirit) through the awareness and cultivation of my breath, i organically began to feel and experience moments of inner tranquility. To quote Mark Whitwell from his workshop today which i had the honor of attending, “If you are with the Breath, you are with the Power of Life and therefore have a direct intimacy with ultimate Reality.”

I can not teach on the subject of Peace. I am not qualified. It is my intent however in Monday’s gathering to share my experience and teachings of certain Hatha Yoga practices so that those who are interested can apply them, on a daily basis. In doing so, it is my hope that they experience for themselves this state of equanimity, which may (or may not) lead them to Peace. My Holiday wish… is for all of us is to remember that we are all intimately connected and not separate from Source, regardless of outer worldly circumstances or differences of opinion.

Below is something i came across and thought it might be a nice offering to pass along to you. It’s a gift from Thich Nhat Hahn.  Enjoy!

Being Peace

For those that can join me on Monday, here is a flier that includes all the wonderful classes being presented for free for our community.

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2 thoughts on “Being Peace

  1. AJ, i will say, the one and ONLY class i took with Whitwell at Blanchards’ Cave was precariously close to what injured you.. he did an astoundingly over-repetitive sequence of formative hand balances before the ultimate handstand and he just zeroed into my chi and hurt my right shoulder without any pre or post care or concern.

    just saying….

    ilg would NOT do the same to him if i took his ass up to high altitudes in cardio on snow and REALLY test his yogic teachings…

    it’s a steep and narrow Path, yoga

    { }

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