The 12 Days of Christmas: A Yoga Practice


A couple of years ago, i had a series of blogs dedicated to the season of giving. It was such a rewarding experience for me to commit to writing and sharing for 12 days, i want to do it again. So here we go, sharing in the balance of giving and receiving from the heart this Holiday Season.

Day One: A Holiday Yoga Practice:


Last year i came across this sweet Kid’s Yoga Practice via the internet (sorry i can’t recall which site) and i thought it might be fun for all of you, both young and older…. Perhaps a pose a day, adding on as the days progress. By the 12th day you will have yourself a merry little Vinyasa style Yoga practice. I actually did these poses while singing along at a “grown ups” Christmas Party and everyone had a good laugh while i had a good sweat. Feel free to make up your own variations of each of the poses. These are just what i came up with as i shared them with the Kinders and First graders at my daughter’s school last year. Remember to breathe with ease and gratitude!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a ….

 1.  Partridge in a Pear Tree (Tree Pose)


2.  Turtle Doves (Pigeon Pose)

day 3

3.  French Hens (Eagle Pose variation)


4.  Calling Birds (Flamingo Pose/Warrior Three, arms flying out to side)

sorry no picture here. use your imagination…

5.  Golden Rings (Camel Pose)

day 1

6. Geese a laying (Child’s Pose)


7.  Swans a Swimming (Locust Pose variation)


8. Maids a Milking (Cow Pose- moo)


9. Ladies Dancing (Dancer Pose)


10. Lords a Leaping (Frog Pose, leap up into the air and land softly… “ribbet”.)


11. Pipers Piping (Lunge Pose, playing pipe)

day 2

12. Drummers Drumming (Goddess Pose, drumming. use your lips for some drumming sounds and get down.)


The End!

* A special thanks to Steve Ilg of Wholistic Fitness for taking these fun photos.

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