Posted in December 2014

Holiday Blessings!

For me, these Holy-days are a poignant re-minder of the strength and grace of LOVE! Love for self, even when I don’t meet all of my self imposed “to do” lists (such as my 12 days of giving blogs) or eat more sugar than I know my body can handle. Love for one another, however challenging the … Continue reading

Winter Day

Namaste! The above gift is something i’m passing on from Cate Stillman , founder of YogaHealer. Please check out her work. She is a generous healer who cares about her Global community. If you are in need of a specific movement and breathing program, i’m here to guide you. Peace and Joy!

Being Peace

As i prepare for my upcoming class on Monday, Cultivating Peace in our Breath, as part of the “12 days of Giving” sponsored by Inhabit, i am reminded of the classical text of Pantajali’s Yoga Sutra where he imparts his teachings on the Klesha’s. A Klesha  can be translated as a painful mind state or affliction of the mind. From … Continue reading