The Doctrine Of Signatures

th-2I am always in awe and humbled how the Universe provides nuggets of wisdom and teachings when we least expect them or rather when we are ready to Listen. I had the honor of participating in Oley Smith’s QiGong class at Inhabit’s Grand Opening celebration a few weeks back. Mr. Smith referred to our Pelvic region as a “basket” and our Organs as “fruits & veggies.” When i work with my precious students i, typically, refer to the pelvis as a bowl of water and the Abdominal Region as a ballon. So i was struck with curiosity when i heard a new metaphor, knowing in my heart there was Divine wisdom being subtly planted with-in our, my, consciousness.

This is where the practice of gratitude comes into play as i went home and immediately went to Google organs and fruits/vegetables. That’s one of the gifts of our modern culture… well, lo and behold there it was, the answer as to why our parents and grandparents have always told us (whether they were informed or not) to eat our fruits and vegetables. It’s called, the “Doctrine of Signatures” and “modern science confirms that this ancient wisdom is astoundingly accurate.” I want to note in my Svadhyaya (self-study) the Doctrine of Signature correlates as well to plant properties. Since Mr. Smith is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine this metaphor is beginning to make more sense to my logical brain. I would also bet that this Doctrine is much deeper and dynamic than my novice understanding however i TAF (Wholistic Fitness™ acronym for think and feel)  my innate wisdom (Heart center) desired for me to have a broader appreciation and view of the nourishing properties of  why and what i eat on a regular basis, except for walnuts. Note to self: get walnuts.


So, maybe this helps support why my body has been so drawn to carrots lately as my ‘aged’ vision now needs reading glasses and why my daughter can overhear a silent sigh due to her love of mushrooms. Regardless, i am enchanted with my new discovery. Thank you, Mr. Smith for planting the seed.  I look forward to sharing this ancient wisdom in my Kids and FamilyTime Yoga classes where i intend to bring a basket with fruits and vegetables. Who knows, maybe our children will even ask for those leafy greens now.

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