Make A Wish


A homage to the dandelion… i never knew what a dandelion was until i became a Mother and moved to Colorado. I recall as a child blowing on these pillowy ‘things’ and making a wish. That was fun. The more i could find to blow, the more wishes i could make. If i made enough wishes then maybe one would come true.

Now, thankfully, i have become more aware of their nutritional and environmental value. We even have a festival dedicated to the dandelion here in Durango. Who knew what all could be made from this sun color ‘weed.’ And we can still make wishes, too!

Artist even share their respect to these precious wild edible weeds. Check out this delightful read by Joseph Anthony for children about trusting our true nature.


And this sweet Dandelion song about  how appearances can be deceiving by Steve Weeks.


I miss not being able to pick the dandelions in my yard. It’s really frustrating for me when our landlord (funny word) sprays for weeds. I have to haul in all my veggies planted in pots into my house for days until the pesticide seeps into the soil and the monsoon winds don’t blow it everywhere. Despite these precautions, i’m still concern how long this chemical lingers as my daughter returns to playing in the grass and i return our summer food outside to grow. If you have a chance however to pick some dandelion weeds, this is what this self-claimed city girl has learned from Fruits & Veggies more matters, they are good for us. Health, now that’s a wish come true!








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