Kids Affirmations!

1536660_558788437544743_600903849_nAffirmations can be seen all over our FaceBook pages these days and it’s wonderful. Perhaps there’s one that a friend has downloaded on a particular day that resonates with your heart and it uplifts you into Action. What a gift you just received. Hey, we all need reminders. My kitchen is taped with all kinds of colorful, inspiring words that remind me of my true Self and my connection to Divine Source. I have a sheet of paper devoted just for the ‘gems’ that my daughter shares with me. I refer to it as, “Whispers from God.”

But why do some affirmations work for us and some don’t? Dr. Ronald Alexander, PH.D., director of OpenMind Training Institute, says, “If an unwholesome belief is deeply rooted in our unconscious mind then it has the ability to override a positive affirmation even if we aren’t aware of it. This is why for many people affirmations don’t seem to work as their afflicted thought patterns are so strong that it knocks out the effect of the positive statement.” Makes sense. So when do these unwholesome beliefs get rooted into our unconscious mind?

From a Yogic perspective, some may say it could be a Samskaric tendency; “a mental conformation or latent Karmic tendency shaping one’s present life.” Or, as i listen to my daughter’s self-talk, there’s this underlying fear that she’s being abandoned in some way, physically or emotionally. I remember this feeling all to well as a child. It’s a natural developmental stage that needs to be supported with the upmost respect and compassion. And there are times when i forget to do just that, Listen and Empathize. In my effort to be there/here for her, i have written out a self-care sheet for us. Something we can refer to when she or i are having one of those downward spiraling moments.

Here’s what we have thus far:


Drink Water

doTerra CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade ) Oils

Fresh Air/Sunshine

Ask for what you need

Affirmation Cards

Yes, affirmation cards. Right now she is sleeping with her affirmation cards by her bedside. She likes to draw two of them, as taught by her Father. Right hand for the Father (evolution)  Energy, Left hand for the Mother (nurturing/surrendering) Energy.  Here’s what both her cards said; “I believe in myself” and “I believe i can do whatever i set my mind to do.” Talk about Angels supporting her in that moment when my words where not able to penetrate her mind barrier. She repeated them out loud to me and herself and i could sense this deep release. I don’t know, but if it IS possible to reverse our negative self-talk at such a young age, then by the time our children are our age, reading downloads of Affirmations, they’ll be like: “Yeah, i know that to be true. Give me something new!” 🙂

I’ve been including these Kids Affirmation cards in my Lil’ Yogis class. I had them pick a card and then lay down in Savasana with the card on their heart. I asked them to repeat to themselves what the card had written on it. Their Lil Yogi faces full of life and self esteem. A reminder that their precious presence in our World does matter and that they have a vital role and purpose in being here Now.

Please enjoy these complimentary Kids-affirmations, courtesy Kids Happy Apps. I had them printed out and laminated. You can cut them out yourselves and save some money. They sit in a basket on our kitchen table for whenever they are needed.

If you would like to read Dr. Ronald Alexander’s full article, enjoy it here: 5 Steps to Make Affirmations Work for You.

In joyful breath,



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