Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)


You probably know that protein is an important dietary requirement, but are you aware how it’s made? Well, without amino acids there would be no protein. It takes 22 amino acids to make the 50,000 different proteins we must have to be healthy. On its own, the body can manufacture 14 of those amino acids. So how do we get the other eight? From our diet – these are what are known as “essential amino acids”.

What is the best source of essential amino acids? Protein supplement Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP), 99% utilized by the body to make protein. – no other form of protein comes close!

I started taking BodyHealth’s MAP supplement when i was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago. All i can say is that my pregnancy was a healthy, blissful experience and so is my daughter! To this day she and i continue to take these Master Amino Acid Pattern supplements. To hear more about their vital importance to the health of our bodies,  watch this inspiring 3 minute video on MAP with Dr. David Minkoff.

If you would like to read more about about the Best Essential Amino Acid Supplement, click here: MAP

If you are ready to restore your bodies nutritional health to it’s optimal level, leave a reply below so i can share with you how to order these important supplements.

“I am not an athlete. I am a mom with two children. One is only a month old. I first took Master Amino Acid Pattern at the advice of my doctor to help me with healing after my recent delivery, and so that I did not get depleted from nursing my baby. I have noticed since I started taking MAP that I can get a longer, restful sleep. I think my overstressed adrenals are finally getting some repair time, not to mention the rest of my body.” A.C .




One thought on “Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

  1. MAP is also fantastic for yogis and other spiritual athlete who wish to decrease their consumption of flesh foods yet not look or feel like a withered cabbage! Rise Higher with MAP Aminos!

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