An Attitude of Gratitude


There is so much i am grateful for in my precious life. It’s that deep heart connection and consciousness that unites us all. The realization that we are not separate from our Source which is all giving, all sustaining. The Sun, the Earth, the Water, the Food, the Air we breathe and the Prana that flows within and around us. Consistently nourishing us unconditionally. Yet, Globally we are witnessing, if not experiencing, the affects of our past and present choices that have been harmful to all that we hold so Sacred.

November was dedicated as an Attitude of Gratitude in my Lil’ Yogis class for the Kinders and 1st Graders this Month. Gratitude for Mother Earth and Father Sky. Gratitude for our amazing bodies and the miracle of our breath. Gratitude for family, friendship and community. Gratitude for the simple gifts and pleasures of life. Wow… it’s endless… so why stop at November?

Let’s not… here are some ideas to help continue the cultivation of Gratitude, which studies have shown to improve our mental and physical well-being. Daily Gratitude will boost our immune systems, make our hearts healthier and lift our Spirits. This can be done individually or as a Family. Even both!

1) Gratitude Journal. Each person gets a chance to write or draw something they are grateful for that day. For more of an in depth Gratitude Journal, peruse my entry from last year’s 12 Days of Giving; Gratitude Journal: 11th day of Giving. Don’t forget Gratitude for the challenges in our days that help us rise above our circumstances or at least remind us that we are human.

2) Give thanks before each meal. In the Yogic tradition, we offer our food to the Divine Source (what ever that means to you). Prayer also cleanses the food and allows our physical temple to ingest it’s blessings and gifts.

3) Circulate the Gratitude. Each day commit to letting someone you know via email, phone, text, that you are grateful for their presence in your life.

Let me circulate the Gratitude right now by sharing with each and every one of you that have graced my life in your personalized precious way… THANK YOU! Even the tough, rough moments… THANK YOU! The joyous and sublime ones… THANK YOU!

Blessings and Gratitude, Love and Light, In Joyful Breath… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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