Tennis Camp

Tennis Camp

Today was Dewa’s first day of Tennis Camp. On our way to the tennis courts, she shared with me that she was nervous. She was concerned that she was not going to be “good” at tennis. My heart always seems to skip a beat in these moments because i’m personally working on just allowing Dewa to have her own experience without me trying to ‘fix’ the situation. As her Mother and biggest fan, i know she is more than just “good.” She is amazing!

So i inquire…

“Where do you feel this nervousness in your body?”

“In my tummy,” replies Dewa.

“Is there anything you can do to help yourself?”

” I can think.”

” Yes, you can think” i say … “if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, your right.” This line is from a book Dewa and i have read many times. Though for the life of me, i can’t recall the title at this time.

By now i’m plastering sunscreen all over Dewa since the SouthWest Sun is beating down on us while we wait for her Coach.  Still doing my best to let her come up with her own answers, I continue to inquire…

“So, what tool do you have to help your thinking?’

Without hesitation, Dewa responds, “my breath.”


At that moment, her coach appears to let us know that Dewa is the only one signed up for this hour. She will receive a private lesson. Her mind moved on to who knows what, she grabs her tennis racket and with smiles heads onto the courts.

I don’t know if she consciously breathed in that moment.  What mattered to my heart was that she was empowered to take care of herself. As we all are. We just forget. We are only a breath away. A breath away from relaxing our bodies and our minds.

After the amazing lesson was over, I asked Dewa how she felt. She shared that her nervousness had moved up into the back of her neck. “It was shaking there.” Wow! To recognize and feel the location of sensation (her nerves) is such an insightful teaching. It told me that Dewa is connected to her body, not separate. A lot of my Yoga therapy work with students is helping them find a way to reconnect with their beautiful selves. To recognize, witness and experience sensation, be it physical/mental or emotional, without trying to flee or fight it. And as Dewa’s coach said to her, ” i don’t care if you hit the ball over the net, i’m watching your form (body).” In other words… it’s all a process. May you enjoy it!

In loving breath,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       joy

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