LOVE: (part two)…


“Christmas is also a festival of love, as well as light- of great love which sacrificed it’s heavenly life to be born into human suffering and limitation that true humanity might develop. For us such great love is an image to contemplate. How much do we truly love those around us – in such a way as to leave them in freedom? At this time of year we should look to see how much warmth and selflessness there is in our human relationships. When we love one another- not in a sentimental way but in a way which respects and protects the other’s individuality, then we allow the sun to shine through the darkness of our mistrust and selfishness. Rudolf Steiner described that this can be attained by really listening to and taking an interest in another’s thoughts, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with our own opinions.

We may turn then in two directions with this flame of the sun inward with light to rediscover and renew our spiritual purposes, and outward into community with the warmth of love for one another and ll the kingdoms of earth. Tehn may we really bring something from our spirits and our hearts as a true Christmas gift.”

Could I but kindle every man

With the Spirit of the Cosmos

That he might be aflame

And unfold his being’s essence

As a flame!

Others would take water from the Cosmos

To quench that flame

And make all being

Watery and dull within.

Oh joy, to see the human flame

Burning brightly, even when at rest!

Oh bitterness, to see man like a thing, 

Bound when he would be free. 

~ Rudolf Steiner (1925)


The above picture is from today’s Durango Herald. To me this article in the DH speaks of what is so consciously written above from Live Eduaction!

I thought for sure they would have interviewed my Father since that is exactly where he is visiting right now. 🙂

May we all find our inner flame, in Yoga referred to as TAPAS, to burn away any negative tendencies and  habitual Samskara’s so that we can listen to ourselves and one another without judgement or attachment. Only Love! This is my prayer for myself and all mankind.


Merry Christmas!

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