Love: (part one) the 12th day of giving


“…In the Christmas festival the great image is of a birth., surrounded by love: the Christ child in the stable, with mother and father, shepherds and animals. In the dark of winter the son, “the light of the world, ” has been born, just after the winter solstice when the light is now returning. It is the birth of the sun in the deepest darkness of the year.

As the sun awakens life upon the earth , so the sun-spirit within us awakens us to our spiritual purpose and to our precious gift of individual freedom. Winter time, when nature has withdrawn and thrown us on our own resources, is the time for quiet reflection and meditative thinking.

This celebration of a birthday at Christmas should cause us to think about our own birthdays and remember the questions we once so earnestly asked: “why am i here? What is the meaning of my life? What is my purpose on earth? As we human beings come into birth with our individual destinies, we shape the evolution of the earth, and it is becoming even more important that we consciously examine our lives and know what it is that we are bringing. We must kindle our inner light with the flame of the sun and shed it upon our purposes, aligning them with the purposes of the earth.”

Excerpt from LIVE EDUCATION!

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