Gratitude Journal: 11th day of Giving


On this particular evening, after a long day of Winter fitness fun with my family, my heart is filled with gratitude. For it was a year ago last night that my precious daughter experienced a very intense and traumatic accident while sledding. A moment in time i wish never to experience again as blood poured, rather sprayed, from her mouth while she screamed “mommy, mommy.” A moment when i thought i had killed my daughter because i did not stop the sled from slamming her into a bench. A moment when i realized that i am not superhuman  and won’t always be able to protect her from such events.  A reminder that we are all here on this Earthly Plane, incarnated in these precious physical bodies, to embody a Spiritual journey… come what may. And yet, i trust without a flinch of hesitation, that my daughter was Divinely protect that late afternoon regardless of any physical wound.

So today, we were back on the sleds.


And the skies.


And the skates.


(Dewa saying “no flash photography” during her 1st solo skate)                                                                                                                                                           

How wonder-full! How blessed!

In Wholistic Fitness™ under  the discipline of Meditation, we incorporate the Gratitude Journal. This Practice allows us to connect to our hearts and release attachment to whatever sensations or stories our minds might be wanting to feed our ego. Before retiring at night, take a few moments to record ten (10) things that you noticed / experienced during the day that inspired gratitude. Note also why you are grateful for it. This Gratitude Journal can also be done with your children or spouse.

A sample entry taken from Coach Ilg’s TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION, might look something like: ” I feel gratitude for this bed, which will afford me a deep and refreshing sleep” or ” I feel gratitude for my car, which is so amazing convenient… I couldn’t imagine having to ride my bike to work every day or walk ten miles to get fresh drinking water.” Keeping this journal cultivates an attitude of gratitude, a child’s smile, a flower growing in the middle of road construction,  a stranger’s polite eye contact – things that should be feeding your soul but you are not seeing until now.

• Above pictures with Dewa are myself and her father, Steve (Coach) Ilg. Thanks for a great day, Abbaji!

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