Blue Healing Light: 5th day of Giving


Breath her greatest gift (5)

Gives life joyfully to me (7)

Now i ride the wave (5)


Admittedly, i am out of the Media loop. i don’t watch TV. i don’t read the paper. i live a very isolated lifestyle. Some may even qualify it as selfish. Be that as it may, my priorities are my daughter, my family, my personal growth and well-being and my community. For when i am out of balance, life around me feels out of balance and i respond with fear. My ego self seems to hijack my conscious self and like a worn tapestry, i begin to unravel. If i could just be with the silence between my thoughts, between my words… oh, if I could just…

This past Saturday being one such day. A day that provided profound healing in the midst of my chaotic mind. As i sat by myself, crying, screaming  silently like i was in a Greek Tragedy. Then the energy of the scream gave forth the most primal sound. And all i kept repeating between the tears and the cries was, “please forgive me. please for give me!”

I share this with you because my own thoughts, words and actions were harmful and destructive. I was a microcosmic expression of the sadly tragic events that took place the day before in Connecticut.  As Mahatma Gandhi re-minds us: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

How blessed am i that i could crawl into bed, bare skinned, next to my naked daughter that evening. Cuddled, i could hear and feel her breath. Touch her soft, tender skin that loves nothing more than to have me by her side when she wakes up. How blessed am i! How blessed are we to be given another opportunity to ride the wave and to change the things we can. Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

My gift to you this evening comes from my husband Coach Steve Ilg. It can be read in his book: Total Body Transformation. More than reading however, this is a Practice which can be of benefit to our own healing and personal growth. May it Serve in Light and Transformation.

Blue Light Healing Mediation

Assume an upright seated posture with an elegant spine.

Take several deep ujjayi breaths (breathing in and out through the nose only) while inhaling a calming, golden light (pran) through the crown of the head (sahasrara) and exhaling a cleansing white light through the navel area (manipura).

In several deep ujjayi breaths, inhale calming, blue light through sahasrara, and exhale cleansing white light through manipura.

Bring your awareness into manipura. Invoke a roaring fire in this energy center. Into this inner fire throw that which is troubling you: destructive habits, undigested feelings, injuries, fears, worries, etc.

Burn them completely. See them turn to ash, then vapor.

Stay with this burning for a while, then allow the fire to die. Replace it with a healing sphere of cool, blue energy. Stay with this blue, healing energy for a while. Let the blue permeate your physical body, especially at injury or trauma sites. Allow the blue to escape the confines of skin and bone.

Immerse yourself into an ocean of blue, healing energy.

Open your heart (anahata) with the color green. Be aware of love, safety, and terrific power here. Allow images to come. Allow love to come. Stay here for as love as desired.

Bring the green back into your physical heart. Reduce the green into the size of a pea. As the green reduces in size, it turns brilliant white and full of concentrated love and acceptance.

Hands into prayer posture (namaskar). Head bows toward earth.

Chant “OM” three times.

Open your eyes.

Peace and Blessings.

* The above Blue Light Healing Mediation is copyrighted.                                                                                                                                                        Please do not reuse without acknowledging Coach Steve Ilg and letting him know. Thank you!

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