Posted in December 2012

LOVE: (part two)…

“Christmas is also a festival of love, as well as light- of great love which sacrificed it’s heavenly life to be born into human suffering and limitation that true humanity might develop. For us such great love is an image to contemplate. How much do we truly love those around us – in such a … Continue reading

Love: (part one) the 12th day of giving

“…In the Christmas festival the great image is of a birth., surrounded by love: the Christ child in the stable, with mother and father, shepherds and animals. In the dark of winter the son, “the light of the world, ” has been born, just after the winter solstice when the light is now returning. It … Continue reading

Gratitude Journal: 11th day of Giving

On this particular evening, after a long day of Winter fitness fun with my family, my heart is filled with gratitude. For it was a year ago last night that my precious daughter experienced a very intense and traumatic accident while sledding. A moment in time i wish never to experience again as blood poured, … Continue reading

Spinach Staple: 10th day of giving

SPINACH STAPLE From The Wholistic Fitness™ Mealtime Guidebook You know, if you stopped by during mealtime, we would most probably be having this meal. Especially valuable meal fro vegetarians. The simplicity is astounding. The dark-green, leafy nutrition is an important energetic choice. What i really love about this meal is the sound of my daughter’s … Continue reading

Honoring the Sun; the 9th day of giving

One of the biggest gifts in my life is teaching Yoga to Dewa and her Kindergarten class. Though it is usually i that learns from them. Tonight my gift is to our children, small and big, young and old. For as we know, no matter how old we become, our inner child is ever present … Continue reading

Divine Harmony: 8th day of Giving

Tonight my gift to you is Divine Harmony. An astrologer, writer, an in depth psychology candidate and an activist for the Soul. I was introduced to her  through my amazing Thai Yoga Teacher Saul David Raye. May her insight and wisdom be of comfort and service. In Loving Breath, joy   **** Welcome to a … Continue reading

Sweets For The Sweets…6th day of Giving

Tis the Season for baking! A Holiday ritual for my daughter, Dewa, and i. They also make nice gifts for friends and loved ones.  I mean, who doesn’t love a Cookie? Just ask the Cookie Monster. Though i am happy to hear that the Cookie Monster has become more wholistic in his food choices. The … Continue reading

Agape: The Fourth Day Of Giving

When i lived in Los Angeles i was fortunate to attend AGAPE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER. Though i did not attend on a regular basis, a seed was planted by Rev. Michael Beckwith. A seed that expresses the Divine Light of Mother/Father God in a unique joyful, loving, abundant way. My gift to you today is Rev. … Continue reading