Sacred Space

Every Tuesday morning, i am blessed and honored to teach Yoga to the “Lil Yogis” at my daughter’s “Shared Education Program.”


(My daughter, Dewachen, writing YOGA on the board before class begins)

Our intention for the day: creating “Sacred Space” within ourselves through breathing, chanting, playing, connecting with our fellow yogis while practicing some Yoga postures.


(The Lil Yogi’s in a group Savasana)

We also explore what it means to create a sacred “special” space for ourselves. A space we can go to when we want to practice alone time. A time to center and connect with our breath, our feelings, our thoughts.

(Love the juxtaposition of creating a sacred space within the school environment.)

Do you have a “Sacred Space?”  A special place just for you to retreat and renew your commitment to self and spirit? If not, would you like one? Below are some pointers to help get you started. Then let your divine, creative self have fun creating your space. Yet, i encourage you to remember that this special sacred space is only a breath away. As my teacher, coach and partner in life, Coach Steve Ilg, teaches “environment is greater than will.” So why not create both an inner and outer environment that is welc(om)ing, sacred and sincere.

In loving Breath,



A place where you can go to that you won’t be interrupted. A place where you enjoy the energy of the space. You can set up an altar or little table with a crystal, for clear thinking. A stone, for stillness. A flower, for kindness. Nature items are always grounding. A picture of your teacher, your family or friends. Have a blanket or pillow that you can sit on with comfort. This is your sacred space so decorate it with what resonates with you. Simple is also clean and nice.

Begin by  sitting in a comfortable crossed leg posture in stillness. Your awareness on your breathing body. As thoughts and sensations arise, understand that that’s all part of the process and return to feeling, watching, lengthening your breath. Once a day. Five minutes. Start simple. As you’re ready add another 5 minutes. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. Om Ami Dewa Hri!!! soooo proud of you, Ammaji! Ripples make waves, and you are creating oceanic waves of dharma in the heartbeats of your young students and our daughter! IFLFTY! beautiful entry!

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